Madrid Barajas Airport Flights to and from Spain

Palma Mallorca Flights To PMI  |  Flights From PMI
326 weekly flights
Gran Canaria Flights To LPA  |  Flights From LPA
263 weekly flights
Barcelona Flights To BCN  |  Flights From BCN
251 weekly flights
Tenerife North Flights To TFN  |  Flights From TFN
249 weekly flights
Bilbao Flights To BIO  |  Flights From BIO
125 weekly flights
La Coruna Flights To LCG  |  Flights From LCG
122 weekly flights
Vigo Flights To VGO  |  Flights From VGO
111 weekly flights
Malaga Flights To AGP  |  Flights From AGP
108 weekly flights
Ibiza Flights To IBZ  |  Flights From IBZ
105 weekly flights
Manises Flights To VLC  |  Flights From VLC
80 weekly flights
Alicante Flights To ALC  |  Flights From ALC
74 weekly flights
Lanzarote Flights To ACE  |  Flights From ACE
71 weekly flights
Santiago De Compostela Flights To SCQ  |  Flights From SCQ
66 weekly flights
Sevilla Flights To SVQ  |  Flights From SVQ
62 weekly flights
Oviedo Aviles Flights To OVD  |  Flights From OVD
54 weekly flights
Almeria Flights To LEI  |  Flights From LEI
51 weekly flights
Melilla Flights To MLN  |  Flights From MLN
50 weekly flights
San Sebastian Flights To EAS  |  Flights From EAS
47 weekly flights
Fuerteventura Flights To FUE  |  Flights From FUE
47 weekly flights
Tenerife South Flights To TFS  |  Flights From TFS
46 weekly flights
Pamplona Flights To PNA  |  Flights From PNA
45 weekly flights
Santander Flights To SDR  |  Flights From SDR
45 weekly flights
Granada Flights To GRX  |  Flights From GRX
44 weekly flights
Jerez Flights To XRY  |  Flights From XRY
44 weekly flights
Menorca Flights To MAH  |  Flights From MAH
32 weekly flights
Badajoz Flights To BJZ  |  Flights From BJZ
22 weekly flights
Santa Cruz De La Palma Flights To SPC  |  Flights From SPC
21 weekly flights
Logrono Flights To RJL  |  Flights From RJL
12 weekly flights
Castellon De La Plana Flights To CDT  |  Flights From CDT
10 weekly flights
Seu De Urgel Flights To LEU  |  Flights From LEU
4 weekly flights
Murcia Flights To RMU  |  Flights From RMU
4 weekly flights

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Useful Information about Madrid Barajas Airport

Madrid Barajas Airport Passenger Traffic Soars 10% in Q4 2023

Madrid Barajas Airport Surges Past Pandemic Slump! Q4 2023 Sees 10.42% Increase, Marking Full Recovery and Surpassing Pre-2019 Passenger Numbers

Madrid Barajas Airport: December Passenger Numbers Edge Up 3%

Madrid Barajas Airport has experienced consistent growth in passenger numbers from December 2019 to December 2023. The passenger traffic increased by 2.86%, from 4,876,926 in December 2019 to 5,016,562 in December 2023.

Madrid Barajas Airport Passenger Volume Increased by 1% in November 2023

Madrid Barajas Airport witnessed a significant increase in passenger volume in November 2023, when it witnessed a total of 4,841,970 passengers, indicating a notable increase in comparison to the same period in November 2019.

Madrid Barajas Airport Soars with 11% Increase in Passenger Traffic in Q3 2023

Madrid Barajas Airport Sees 11.41% Surge in Q3 2023 Passenger Volume, Approaching Pre-Pandemic Levels